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SPX3 membranes

The future heart of any MEA!!



Some 10 years ago MXP set out to develop a membrane suitable for application in H2 areas.

The membrane should be based on polymers that are easy to make and free of fluorine.,

Our polymers are synthesized starting from simple and relatively cheap raw materials and without the use of any halogens.

MXP has developed a range of unique polymers that have proven to make Fl-containing membranes obsolete. 

These membranes set the standard for  polymer membranes  for use in PEM-electrolyzers, fuel cells,  PEM-compressors and many other applications.

Our patented SPX3 membrane has demonstrated superiority on all parameters when compared to Nafion™ :



Fuel cells or electrolyzers based on the SPX3 membrane offer

enormous environmental, operational and financial advantages.

The higher performance in W/cm2  allows to reduce the size of fuel cells or electrolyzers at similar performance.

FUEL CELLS: SPX3 membranes offer a higher performance in W/m2 resulting in more compact fuel cells..  For automotive applications this means that the fuel cell (the volume under the hood) can be reduced allowing greater freedom of design.

ELECTROLYZERS: PEM electrolyzers based on SPX3 can do with a much smaller surface when compared to Nafion based versions. This allows for smaller units.

PEM-COMPRESSORS: the stability and the durability of SPX3 membranes promise operational longevity in addition to the superb performance.

The unique performance profile of SPX3 membranes combined with the lower cost price of the membrane (per m2) will guarantee an unrivaled financial performance too.

ROI's of SPX3 based applications will be spectacular.

Such a financial reward will help Hydrogen conquer the world based on both an environmental and financial success story!

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