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3rd generation Fuel Cell too expensive

Chosun Biz on 28 December 2021 reported that according to industry sources Hyundai Motor Company temporarily suspended the development of their 3rd-generation hydrogen fuel cells for use in Genesis hydrogen vehicles. Fuel cells are the heart of hydrogen vehicles.











The reason for that decision is that the high unit price (of the stack) seems to make such cars less marketable.

In the past years the price of fuel cells has hardly moved.

Nafion (TM of Chemours) or similars cost around USD 300-400/sq. meter. 

A fuel cell stack for a passenger car requires  30-40 sq. meter. So, make your calculation....

We at MXP know this all too well. Therefore we advise to use our SPX3 membrane that offers at least similar performance but at a fraction of the cost per sq. meter so helping a rapid break through of hydrogen.

(for details about the performance of SPX3 see above in: Our Projects/SPX3 membranes)

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Hyundai Genesis - Hyundai Motors.jpg

Hyundai Motor Company’s hydrogen electric vehicle Nexo./ Courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company

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