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Dedication and perseverance in the execution of our projects are the guiding principles in our quest to find new and better polymers.

Currently our main focus is on the development of polymers to be applied in membranes for the hydrogen economy, so called PEM based electrolyzers, compressors and fuel cells.

The challenge here is to develop polymers with a LCA that, from cradle to grave, do not contribute to pollution.


Get fluor out of membranes

Fluor containing membranes such as Nafion™ are produced with fluor in the structure.

This means that production of the raw material is dangerous and leads to very stable residues (PFAS/PFOA) that remain highly toxic forever -   the forever chemicals

New documents released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency draw the startling conclusion that

PFOA is a “likely carcinogen,” with essentially no safe level of exposure. 


The afterlife of these membranes is very complicated because there currently do not exist methods to recycle the product.

The LCA of products like Nafion™ is gradually being considered to be a nightmare.

( Nafion™ is a Trademark of The Chemours Company for its perfluorosulfonic acid polymer).




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